Our concept

The holiday house with swimming pool by Vacances Côté Sud

35 years of visits, warm contacts with you and the property owners, and an intact enthusiasm stimulate us to complete our selection of holiday rentals, to deal our discoveries with you as well as the warm environment of our holiday houses with pool in the Provence – Southern France and in Tuscany - Italy.

Enter the world of Vacances Côté Sud and pick up the house of your dreams, the one where you will spend authentic holidays in an enchanting place, tasting the pleasure to be just the two of you, or with friends or family, walking round in old villages or enjoying the local cuisine.

COVID 19 Info

Covid 19 FREE CANCELLATION: For any cancellation relating to a fact related to the pandemic and the access to accommodation, our customer cancellation conditions are suspended. The reimbursement of the sums committed will be made on request.

Covid 19 HYGIENE: The hygiene measures recommended by the health authorities for stays of seasonal rental of individual accommodation are applied and reinforced by a specific intervention between each stay.

Covid 19 PRIVATE POOL: The rules of additional hygiene for Covid 19 recommended by medical staff are respected.

Covid 19 SECURITY: Our accommodations are individual and private, as is the swimming pool. There is therefore no occupation or use external to your occupation. The properties are quite large, usually in the countryside with a distant neighborhood.


Quality of our holiday houses

location de vacances en famille

Alain Henry – Vacances Côté Sud is a specialist of quality vacation rentals offering an original and picturesque look by their location and their nature.

Vacances Côté Sud offers an uncompromising quality of equipment and environment for each accomodation.

The tranquility and privacy of each holiday home with swimming pool are considered.

Our approach is handcrafted and each unit is personally selected by Alain Henry according to strict criteria.

Our holiday homes are made available in a state of impeccable cleanliness..

All holiday villas are equipped with garden furniture in relation to the accommodation capacity. The barbecue, always present, is specified: charcoal, gas, electricity, etc.

Villa Ferdinando

We use 8 criteria to define the pool of each holiday home

  • private pool or pool te share
  • minimum and maximum depth
  • ength and width,
  • security system (perimeter alarm, shutter, fence …)
  • form of the pool
  • type of filtration
  • pool cover
  • heated pool when available
The concept of Vacances Côté Sud for great family vacation is to offer a high quality pool.

Accomodation capacity of our holiday rentals

The holiday houses with pool of Vacances Côté Sud have different capacities to suit all.


Holiday homes and apartments with private pool perfectly designed and equipped for 2 people. Intimacy, charm and comfort are an imperative of our selection. For example: Holiday cottages Clémentine


A huge selection with over 1200 homes in ProvenceSouthern France and Tuscany – Italy. There is always a holiday house of Vacances Côté Sud or a rental house with private pool for your budget, quality or environment requirements.

Holiday cottages Casa Lucia : Private pool 4 pers - 2 bedrooms 879 € - 1618 € / week


location vacances Felciai en Toscane

What about friends

A group of 10, 20, 40 persons.., no problem, we have what you want, especially in Tuscany.

Holiday cottages Felciai - Toscane :
Private pool 24 pers, 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms 6565 € - 7070 € / week

Budget holiday rental

The Vacances Côté Sud label for the selected accommodation: correct price and quality maximized according to the budget. Go through our offer.
There is always a possibility for your budget even with swimming pool. Our luxurious villas also offer very attractive prices.

Convenience– booking holiday house

The user-friendliness of our website has been investigated. Use the mouse. There will be a special highlighting when more info is available.
he orange color indicates also when more info is available.

The Vacances Côté Sud description sheet of the accommodation is a main information source.
When a holiday house is selected for the Vacances Côté Sud label, we fill in a form with no less than 580 criteria.

According to your wish or your available time we propose several readings:

Fast: pictograms and photos give you the essentials
Fun: text and photos make you dream
Thorough: the « Details » tab gives you a lot if information. At your disposal : additional photos, aerial drone and video coverage by 360°
Friendly: more information needed ? Call number +32473294323 or + 33970466296 or send an e-mail through the « contact » tab.

Pictures holiday houses

The photo is a passion of Alain and Patrick. In fine weather, we revisit our holiday villas with pool and establish the visual record of each unit taking care that the photos have a maximum of useful information to your decision.


When the unit has a new development, we complete the record and systematically we redo the visual record of each holiday home with pool every 5 years. 

Quality Hdr

Vacances Côté Sud wants to be at the forefront of the evolution. In 2015, we adopt the HDR image technique. This technique ensures professional photos and offers better information. Example: with this technique, the windows are transparent (no reflection) and you can see the external environment of each room. 

Aerial video: unique in the world of the holiday rental

Tested over a dozen houses in 2014, the Air Video coverage is extended to all housing holidays Vacances Côté Sud in Provence and southern France. Our commitment to transparency of information is maximized: from the sky you can check the intrinsic quality of the property and its surroundings. No detail can escape.


Villa SPACE in the Pays d'Aix

Villa JOANNADE in the Gorges de l'Ardèche

Villa Cigales in de Roman Provence



Photos 360 ° dof the main room

gradually, we realize the 360° video of the main room.

Villa Garenne in the Pays d'Aix